Aug 292014

Friday is my favorite day of the week, so i’ll be using it from now on for my throw back moments.

This was 18 yrs ago , yours truly (on bass duties at the time) ,  being silly at the Village in LA, with producer Joseph Julian and iconic punk queen Nina Hagen….i remember i had to learn a song from a voice message Dee Dee Ramone left on Lou Reed’s answering machine, who then hand handed the cassette (YES I SAID CASSETTE !!!) to her. There were about 6 slightly out of tune chords and a whistled melody, covered by laughs, banging glasses and screams. Then i somehow arranged that “thing” in my head, explained the concept to NIna, then showed the song to the rest of the recording band and tape it. It took 4 hours to get all this documented, including vocals. Joseph Julian was a master in keeping the tape rolling (YES I SAID TAPE!!!) and the focus up. The result was one of my favorite Nina Hagen’s performance ever “Born to die in Berlin”, from the album Bee Happy !   F

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