Fabrizio generally operates out of his own room The Noize Factory, located in the Santa Clarita (CA)  Command Recording Studios facility, but he’s at home in several other L.A. hot spots such as The Steak House or Steve Vai’s own The Mothership. Based upon the production requirement, he can easily adapt to any working environment. Fab prefers working with a “live“ feeling and all the musicians together, but in the most recent years, the possibilities offered by internet files sharing and real time video/audio communication is creating a new and exciting format on how to create a record or to mix one.

Fab’s overall production philosophy is: “you ain’t fixin’ it with the mix, let alone with the mastering! Just get it right from the ground up, starting with a detailed  pre-production, and you’ll never fail”.  For everyone of his  productions, Fab dedicates a big amount of time to the pre-production and song arrangement, making it then quick and easy for the recording and the mixing phase to come long. Fab’s likes to make sure everything is sonically recorded properly, but rather then to the gear to use, he focuses on what needs to be recorded and on getting the best performance ever from the artists.

“Whether we’re talking hard rock, metal, blues, country or folk, the concept doesn’t change: great gear and smart arrangements, don’t make up for a bad song or a poor performance, so, i like to work the other way around !”

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