Aug 282014
Quincy Jones
Hey guys, please check out this great documentary featuring the likes of Quincy Jones, Snoop Dogg , Slash etc. ┬áThe low sound quality in today’s music is what downgrades the music perception in the new generation, and what slaughters every artists, producer and engineer’s work of love. Low sound quality has made billions for the likes of Apple,Pandora and few other companies, and allowed “un-derqualified” labels’ own production department to soar and cash in , by abusing the whole music community’s services with BS budgets and phony promotional efforts. My idea is , if you never produced top to bottom a REAL record, than you have no place in trying to release your abortions and even less tell me how loud my record should sound and why. I think the music community should roll up its sleeves and really take matters in its own hand. Screw these PREDATORS, let’s unite and get organized, the music belong to the artists who created, to the producer and engineers that helped shape it, and to the fans….everyone else that’s just a middle person in the transaction of bringing music from point A to B, should only be thankful to come along for the ride and chill the FUNK off ! Your mega savings and undeserved profits are and SHOULD be a “consequence” of our work getting liked and appreciated , and not A REASON !

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