Jan 122014
Fab & Kenny A. tracking Dr.Z & the Supersonic Blues Machine

January 3rd 2014,  was an important date for me, it marked the beginning of Dr.Z & The Supersonic Blues Machine debut album and the beginning of yet another journey.  Dr.Z & SBM is a “certifiable” Blues/Blues-Rock band consisting of drumming legend Kenny Aronoff   , myself and Texas slinger Lance Lopez . Both on record and  live , we’ll have a good share of friends performing with us and pushing us to deliver the ultimate blue/rock/jam experience. As per now, Billy F. Gibbons  already marked his territory on our record, and more buddies will do so in the next few weeks. Keep on checking in, you won’t be disappointed. Dr.Z & The Supersonic Blues Machine’s  record and tour , will hit the world in the Fall of 2014. Thanks for all the support and interest showed so far.  Grazie  FG




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