WHY ??? WHF ???

This must have been a hell of a show ! @ Valencia, Santa Clarita, California https://t.co/zbTHPLaX3V

#supersonicbluesmachine Couldn’t keep away from that rumble of a low end , stay tuned news coming soon !
#krisbarrasband #krisbarras #kennyaronoff #kennyaronoffsignaturesnare… https://t.co/erHaorSeZn

#supersonicbluesmachine when everyone in your band lives around the world ...you can’t get everyone in the same room all the time ! Planning 2019-2020, stay tuned great news coming soon… https://t.co/zzKVt38wFr

Happy Pet Day to our babies Rocco & Mia ! So glad you’re in our lives ! @ Santa Clarita, California https://t.co/t9Ma04HlII