Nov 252015

Mixed and produced by Fabrizio Grossi , Supersonic Blues Machine debut record “West of Flushing, South of Frisco” is a mix of Blues, Rock and Soul. With stellar guest appearances by Billy F Gibbons, Walter Trout, Warren Haynes, Robben Ford Music, Eric Gales and Chris Duarte , Texan guitarist-singer  Lance Lopez, producer, mixer and bass player Fabrizio Grossi and drumming legend Kenny Aronoff   are planning to take the show on the road in 2016 in support of their release. They will be joined live by several of their guests for a Blues-Rock-Soul Jam Extravaganza. For live line up and dates please keep an eye on the band’s site and socials.

‘West Of Flusing, South Of Frisco’ will be released on CD and double vinyl by Mascot Label Group on Feb 26, 2016.

Watch the album trailer for ‘West Of Flushing, South Of Frisco’.

Nov 252015

Texan guitarist-singer-songwriter LANCE LOPEZ, producer, mixer and bass player Fabrizio Grossi and drummer Kenny Aronoff are the family that is Supersonic Blues Machine.Their debut ‘West Of Flushing, South Of Frisco’ hosts an incredible list of collaborators such as Billy F Gibbons, Walter Trout, Warren Haynes, Robben Ford Music, Eric Gales and Chris Duarte.’West Of Flusing, South Of Frisco’ will be released on CD and double vinyl by Mascot Label Group on Feb 26, 2016. …See More

Supersonic Blues Machine is the magic merge of drumming legend Kenny Aronoff bassist/producer Fabrizio Grossi and award winning guitarist/lead singer Lance Lopez
Oct 302015

VISIONARY is out today : Oct 26, 2015 ! The first EP by Gabriel is currently available on the main digital stores, feat. other than guitarist/composer Gabriel, Garrett Holbrook on vocals, Anthony JR Morra on drums & percussions  and Fab on bass, keys and percussions and production. It’s an avant gard and progressive type of rock that’s more attached to Frank Zappa and acoustic Zeppelin than anything else. Definitely food for thoughts !








“A Journey, a beginning I’ve been dreaming for all my life. Today I can finally share it with all of you. On the wings of the world, take me to infinity” – Gabriel


Jul 152015

Visionary, the International concept project, brain child of guitarist/composer Gabriel Gianelli, is finally here.

The debut single “Pharaoh’s Phoenix”  is making its official debut today : July 15, 2015 !                                                                                                                        Check it out on the band’s page : or on  YouTube at:

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The single “Pharaoh’s Phoenix” is a first taste out of Visionary’s up-coming debut EP . The record is produced and mixed by Fabrizio Grossi and Mastered by Maor Appelbaum for Maor Appelbaum Mastering, CA.

Jan 192015

Hey guys, Fab just started working on the new record production of Serbian hit maker  Zeljko Samardzic , the release is slated for Mid Spring 2015. If you’re into classy/ethnic-word-adult-pop, this is a record you don’t wanna miss.







For up-dates, shows and release dates check out his official site : 



Nov 242014

Lips Aroma

Lips Aroma’s debut album “Suck my lips” if finally out. Check out the video of their first single “Crown” on YouTube :

Produced and mixed by Fabrizio Grossi, Suck my Lips was recorded between Los Angeles and Turin/Italy and is powerful and catchy mix of  EDM,Pop, Soul and throwback 80″s new wave. Lips Aroma are currently focused on their live shows and to the preparation of their Tour slated for the spring of 2015.

The single and the complete record are available everywhere online : ,  .

Check them out if you’re into fun music !



Sep 082014

Hey peeps, i just finished to mix “Tribal Domestic”, the new up-coming fatigue of Italian’s 70′s progressive pioneers ” Rovescio Della Medaglia”. So many orchestrations and counter melodies that will definitely capture their loyal fans appreciation. These guys , along with other world praised Italian prog. ensembles from the same era , like “PFM” , “le Orme”, “Banco Mutuo Soccorso” were  70 legends loved, and followed around the world for their unique mix of rock-symphonic and advangard compositions. It was a privilege and an honor to be made part of their unique history and legacy.

The record will be available via Sony Italy by November 2014.


Aug 292014

Friday is my favorite day of the week, so i’ll be using it from now on for my throw back moments.

This was 18 yrs ago , yours truly (on bass duties at the time) ,  being silly at the Village in LA, with producer Joseph Julian and iconic punk queen Nina Hagen….i remember i had to learn a song from a voice message Dee Dee Ramone left on Lou Reed’s answering machine, who then hand handed the cassette (YES I SAID CASSETTE !!!) to her. There were about 6 slightly out of tune chords and a whistled melody, covered by laughs, banging glasses and screams. Then i somehow arranged that “thing” in my head, explained the concept to NIna, then showed the song to the rest of the recording band and tape it. It took 4 hours to get all this documented, including vocals. Joseph Julian was a master in keeping the tape rolling (YES I SAID TAPE!!!) and the focus up. The result was one of my favorite Nina Hagen’s performance ever “Born to die in Berlin”, from the album Bee Happy !   F

Aug 282014

Hey guys, i had to share this. Strong from the highly acclaimed  ” Walking with the giants” (Favored Nations , 2013) which i co-produced  and mix, my dear friend and phenomenal guitarist/writes Ivano Icardi, decided to lay down another gem. This is the video of the collaboration between him, Greg Bissonette and Brian Beller, a catchy jam titled “Burning Wires”, now available on I-Tunes, Amazon etc….and  that i once again ended up  mixing!